Chronicles of the Great Kingdom of Cornia


The Creation. (Late September 2015)
It all started on the chat of the Rebel Penguin Federation; it was meant to be a joke…

On the 25th of September of 2015, Lady Clout (the creator of the Corn Troopers) had her username temporarily changed to Corn and her avatar to a picture of a Bob-omb (xat avatar n° 641). Soon, she attracted a couple of fellow members of the RPF and inspired them to temporarily change their names to Corn and to heil corn as she did. Before anyone had time to notice, this small group of people started a raid of the RPF chat. The small group of Corns faced an unexpected success on their raid, and once it was finished, Lady Clout created a website for the Corn Troopers. Pizza Ninja (who had been involved in the raid of the RPF) soon decided to help establish the Corn Troopers and was given the task to improve the site. Having created the Flag of the Great Kingdom of Cornia and giving the site the general look it has today, Pizza Ninja decided to work together with Junie17125 to create the content of the site. It was then decided that the Great Kingdom of Cornia (which was a nation with no name at that time) would be a monarchy, and Lady Clout was crowned as the first Queen of Cornia. Cornia had been founded.

The Hibernation. (October 2015 – June 2017)
For a long time, the Corn Troopers remained dormant, making brief returns to fight those who deserved being crushed…

Having started as a joke, the Great Kingdom of Cornia had already fulfilled its purpose. This is why the army remained dormant for long periods of time, being reawakened for brief moments to fight evil. On one occasion the Corn Troopers were called to battle Luis the Meanie. The Corn Troopers declared war to Luis and his many armies. Right before they were crushed by the might of the Great Kingdom of Cornia, Luis closed down his armies and peace was restored. Having scared Luis the Meanie and his group of armies, the Corn Troopers were back to remain dormant.

Generation 1: Rise of the Corn Troopers. (June 21st, 2017 – Present)
And when the joke came back, so did the Corn Troopers…

For some time, the popularity of corn-based jokes had been growing within the RPF; upon learning of the existence of the Corn Troopers, the RPF members demanded a comeback.

To be written.