This is the Legends page of the Great Kingdom of Cornia. Below you will find a brief explanation of how the page works and a list of all Corn Troopers worthy of recognition after that. There are three legend statuses with each having a different meaning.


To achieve the Legend status, a Corn Trooper must have done a plethora of important things for the well-being of the Great Kingdom of Cornia. These things must have positive consequences for the Corn Troopers outside of the legend’s own era. This means that to earn the Legend status a Corn Trooper’s actions must influence at least 2 eras, being the highest honor possible in the ranking of legends. This is the peak of success in Corn.


To achieve the Hero status, a Corn Trooper must have done a plethora of things that greatly influenced his/her own era, causing some influence in the army. They have done their part in attaining success inside the structure of this army. They are iconic in some sorts.


The title of Knight is given to remarkable Corn Trooper. A leader may give a Corn Trooper the Knight Status for any reason he/she deems worthy. These people are typically loyal and true Corn Troopers, causing a bit of influence.

Rise of the Corn Troopers

~Lady Clout~

The Originator

Being a former commander of the Rebel Penguin Federation back in 2015, Clout151998 (creator of the Corn Troopers) had her username temporarily changed to Corn, and her xat avatar was a Bob-omb picture. She attracted many people to change their name to Corn and their xat avatar to a Bob-omb picture, thus semi-trolling the RPF chat, having it considered as a joke. She then took on the idea of creating a Corn army and considered the first event ever on Corn to be the raid of RPF chat, which was posted on the Corn website she made.

~Pizza Ninja~

The Champion

Being one of the two (the other being Jason/Junie) that were appointed by Clout to help, Pizza Ninja helped design the Corn website and created the Corn flag. He also revived the Corn Troopers when they were in a state of hibernation and created the Corn Discord–or, well, the “Discorn”. He also coined the term “Pop the Good Corn” from “Fight the Good Fight”, which is present in RPF. He was a part of the historic Corn-raiding-RPF-chat event, being one of the first people ever to join Corn.


The Specialist

Being the other person appointed by Clout to help, Jason/Junie joined the Corn Troopers during the joke-like chat raid (being one of the first people to join) and helped craft some of the pages of the Corn website and was the first leader to declare a war on another army. He along with Pizza Ninja helped create the content of the website, along with appointing many people to help fight their cause. He was also one of the first people to ever join, being some of the biggest influences of Corn like Clout and Pizza Ninja. This trio helped secure the foundation of the Corn website and maintained Corn even during hibernation.

*More of legends to be added*




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