Welcome to the Ranks page of the official site of the Corn Troopers! Here, you can find the ranks of the Corn Troopers easily as well as finding yours! To easily find your username under the ranks, you can press the Mac Command/Apple button or the Ctrl button + F and then type your username that you chose to go under the ranks. If you can’t seem to find yours, you can simply ask one of the Corn Editors to add you to the ranks.

Leadership Ranks

Queen of Cornia

Lady Clout

Prime Corn

Pizza Ninja

General Corn Commander

Jason/Junie, Tom_, Popsicle

High Officer Class Ranks

Marshal Corn Commander


Senior Corn Commander

Percy, Sloaps

Officer Class Ranks

Regimental Corn Commander

 Cat, Vishal

Battalion Corn Commander

La Estrella

Corn Major

Kayaba, Felicity, Angel Fairy

Trooper Class Ranks

Corn General

AwesomeBob, Riddle, PinPin

Corn Lieutenant

MichaelJeff, Lulyu

Corn Sergeant

Blazer, ImAWhale, Keemyorg, YellowPen, The Furry

Corn Trooper

TheNightma3e, MAXIS, Mindy4IsBack, Quisqueya, Spaghetti, RedFox


Uni the Corn



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